Jumat, 29 Juli 2016

Magelang to Jogja

too much places to visit in Java. never run out of destinations. well this is my little adventure in Java. Honestly, this is my first visit to Borobudur:) so i was very excited, but we tought we could enjoy the sunset there for free, it turns out that we had to leave the temple at 5 pm. Next day, we went to punthuk setumbu to see the sunrise, but that morning we only could see the foggy sky so we couldn't enjoy the misty borobudur from far.

In Jogja i visited the best museum ever-merapi museum. it was so real, and i could feel how merapi did destroy the village. How the villager's feel about their lost. bener-bener merinding kalo denger cerita guidenya gimana pas merapi erupsi. AAA the most emotional visiting.

Then we went to Gumuk Pasir-Parangkusumo, we arrived at 2 pm and it felt like we were in the oven cauise its too hot. we shouldnt there at 2 pm. but i was sho fun cause we could run and somersault wherever we want.

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