Saturday, 2 April 2016

solo trip to Solo

i had a week to have my life back haha yeaa after the exam i thought about have solo trip to Solo then i go. after the studio exam i went by train then arrived at 4 a.m and finallyyyy met vema!!

Day 1
i live in my friend's house and she rides a motorcycle so she would be my tour guide, we went to eat sate kambing, my biggest mistake was i brought my analog camera but i hadn't have buy the film. so me and vema went to fujifilm but they dind't sell it yeaa i brought my useless camera. well i just took photos by my phone. vema had to go to campus, so she dropped me in the Jurug Zoo. the ticket price was 10.000 rupiahs that was so cheap. It was a little bit creepy haha because i was the only one visitor, i walked alone and felt like i was in zombie film or horror film hahaha and i didn't hear animal's voice except monkeys. it was my saddest trip ever because the animals looked unhappy and they were so skinny and i was confused when i walked from the one animal to the others because the zoo was not organized. the path didn't bring me to the other animals cage. aaaa it was so sad, i hope somebody take care this zoo so the animals can be happier. when i visit the hippo i thought she wasn't there because i couldnt find her when i looked arround she was push her body to the exit gate constanly and she didn't stop even i called her. i thought she was mad and wanna go out from her cage. Whem i visited the other cage, i met them unhappy like the hippo:( but i couldn't do anything i was just stare at them. The zoo was almost close so vema picked me up and we were back to her house. 
I invited my friend to join us to have a dinner, his name is fakhri but we called him 'entong' haha, we haven't met like almost 3 years or more maybe. we had dinner in Bestik Pak Darmo, and i gave the score 9 from 10, because it was sooooo tastyyy waa mantap!

Day 2
we were confused what we have to visit because Solo haven't so many places to visit like Jogja but i loved the city it was so organized i couldn't find the traffic jam, so we tried to culinary. In the second day we tried Tengkleng Mbak Diah, i gave it 8 from 10. Still couldn't defeat Bestik Pak Darmo haha. After we ate, we went to Pasar Triwindu. The most unique destination in Solo, because in Pasar Triwindu we could find antique stuff and it was so cool, but unfortunately i couldnt buy it because i couldn't speak Javanese fluently so they would gave me the expensive price *this is just my opinion* hehe. After enyoyed the antique stuffs we went to Pasar Gede, we tried es dawet there huaaa Solo was so hot, the sun was like biting my skin. Es dawet would make it better just 5000 rupiahs and it was so nice. Then we went to Keraton, but it was 2 pm regrettably we couldn't got in to the main buliding, we just walked arround at the court yard and went to the museum. on a sunny day we went to Cafe Tiga Tjeret, this is a new cafe and the design was so interesting. We just ordered 2 cold drinks, and had a chit chat haha we could felt the wind blew us,

We back to the house, took a shower and got a nap. Because in the night we would go to the Restaurant and had quality time with Vema because this was my last night in Solo hahaha, we went there to had a dinner. it was Solo Bistro, the place was so cozy and also the food was so tasty and soooo cheaap!! i ordered lasagna and it was just arround 20.000 rupiahs. We spent the night there and after all we were back to the house and slept.

Day 3
oh nooo this was my last day in Solo  i packed my things and we had a breakfast near the house, we ate Ayam Penyet Bandung hahahahaa what the hell i am from Bandung and i ate ayam penyet bandung. but this was so tasty i loved the sambal, and also cheap. i ordered ayam penyet and eggplant it was just 7000 rupiah. this is so unbeliavable hahaha. I met Vema's friends there, and they were so nice to me. After we ate, this was time to say goodbye. I went to the Airport and went to my home. 

This is my first experience to have a solo trip, and it feels so good. i want to say thank you to  Vema who gave me a place to live there and be my tour guide hahaha because in Solo i had a difficulty to find public transportation huhu, but this is a good trip before i have to back to my daily routine hwhw

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