Sunday, 8 November 2015

Nayaka Witana goes to Cibedug, Banten

After i had a trip with my family to Bangkok, the day after Nayaka Witana went to Cibedug, Banten. We took a bus to Rangkasbitung from Ciumbeluit, then we took elf to Citorek Village. We were welcomed and took a rest 1 night there, we had have to wake up early to continue our trip to Cibedug, but the path cannot be passed with car so we have to take a walk about 6 km with condition of the street like.........HHH and we brought carrier and backpack, i was dying i think hahaha but we had spent the trip as a team so we support each other. Finally we arrived and took a rest at house which is empty, the house size is about 8mx6m and full of Nayaka Witana which has 35 members, we slept like sardine haha lol. Luckily, there is toilet beside the house. but you have to feel how we took a bath there, we felt insecure because the partition is made by wood with big we have to ask our friend to take care each other hahaha. well we searched dataa(mapping) for 6 days i think, after collect data we play with the child there because the day after we have to back to Bandung in the morning. we will never forget those little village with good scenery, clean air, hospitally local people, mistery megalithic sites, fresh water from the river, and ofcourse i wont forget the trip with Nayaka Witana. but the most unforgettable moment was eating indomie everyday haha. Demi ilmu dan masyarakat! arjau arjau arjau!

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