Monday, 28 September 2015

Bangkok for 4 days

akhirnya setelah sekian lama  mengumpulkan niat untuk nulis blog lagii...lets start to telling my family trip on my last holiday at Bangkok.

after celebrate Lebaran day and back from Semarang we took a rest and packed my stuff for 1day and the next day we went to Bangkok for the first time yeaayy we took off at 7 am from Jakarta and arrived at arround 10.30 am. we took a taxi from airport to hotel dan ternyata jengjeeeng no difference with indonesia especially jakarta, traffic jam. we need more than one hour to reach the hotel at Siam, you can see taxi everywhere well i know the difference between bangkok and jakarta. bangkok is full of public transportation. ohyaaa! the driver couldnt speak english we're trying to gave him direction to the hotel but he didnt understand:( so sad......i heard the taxi driver in bangkok is annoying tapi yaudahlah. after check in at rajtavee residence, we directly went to platinum. it's a mall like itc in jakarta, BUT all things at platinum are so cheap, FIX KALAP! but not for bapak-bapak banget heu kasian papa. about 4 floors for women's but just 1 floor for men's. me, my mom and my sister bought so much clothes but my dad? he didnt. our feet so tired, walked arround platinum so we decided back to hotel but in front of the platinum, there were so many food stands we tried the halal one it was squid with unique taste, spicy and sour flavor. i was impressed with the seller bcs they keep the pedestrian cleaned. if you durian loverss don't forget to try there!

according to itinerary, at night we must have dinnet at MBK shopping centre. but the reality,we were lost haha we didnt know hot to get the mbk but finally we arrived at mbk yeay but it has been closed haha lol you have to know so difficult to get halal food in bangkok, because we couldnt bear anymore those feel of hunger, we decided to go to sevel:) ya we have dinner from sevel the one and only we could get halal food and near from the hotel. "exhausted" one word can describe that night.

day 2. woke up like all my bones would fall out....but we had woke up early to go to Madam Tussaud(maunya madam tussaud yang di london). i think i dont have to tell my story at madam tussaud you already know whats in there or you can search at google hehe but at madam tussaud bangkok you can see ir.soekarno our first president then you can see mario maurer kyaaa thailand's handsome actor but too sad i didnt find chantavit  wax sculptor. after took many photos there we went to grand palace and wat arun, we accross the river to get there, i tought about the bangkok river boat system they have big river and clean maybe we can apply that in Jakarta hmmm maybe someday........arrived at grand palace and can bear the hot air anymore:( panas banget parah nyengat banget lebih parah dari bekasi haha mau foto-foto disana tapi gagal cantik....udah kumel banget heu bete. but thumbs up for the beautiful palace! so thailand! and we could find the biggest buddha statue and made from gold at wat pho huwoow kerenlah pokoknya. the day was getting dark so the next destination was Asiatique. we get there by free tourist boat yeeay finally we arrived and tempatnya bagus bgt keren parah kacau, you can find any shops they sell anything. food, jewelry, bag, clothes, etc. and all they sold are totally cute hyaaa reccomended! abis kalap akhirnya balik ke hotel.

day 3. me, my mom and my sister went to ....... i forget the name, but it wasnt far from the hotel and my dad stay at hotel. the place was like tana abang, we bought clothes and souvenirs there. the price was so cheap like you can buy 1 trousers just fifty thousand rupiahs intinya kalo kesini sih belanja baju. after we bought some clothes and souvenirs there, we back to hotel and went to terminal 21. you can browse what is that, its a mall(katanya mall paling bagus) and when we get in to the mall i could see sale everywhere kyaaaa you can buy vans with the half price but i couldnt because they just have the big or small size left, they didnt have my size huhu. when i looked down from 4th floor, there were shoes sold everywhere and sale! hwhhwwhw gakuat banget liatnya the real heaven. after that we went to Rodfai by taxi, and the driver drop us at the roadside he said there's the Rodfai we only have to walk a little. but ternyata kita ditipu:( gara-gara ditipu and we didnt know where we were so we canceled the destination to rodfai padahal udah excited banget ke rodfai krn barangnya lucu-lucu! so we back to Siam by mrt. me and my sister badmood along the way to Siam. we just have a little walked and back to Hotel.

last day. we checked out and went to the airport in the morning. we took off at 11 am and finally homeee!!! alhamdulillah we had a safe flight. 

arrived home, i went to Bandung immediately because i have a next trip with arjau to Kampung Cibedug, Banten. dont miss my story later. bye

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