Saturday, 27 June 2015

Festival Arsitektur Parahyangan 2015

Last May was like the busiest month i ever had, i had so many assignment to do, had study for the final test and also as the fresh-man in majoring architecture at Unpar we got project from 'hmpsars' to make installation for FAP2015 which has the theme 'shared space' as an architecture student we should built an installation that defines trotoar as shared space. In this event i was part of Logistic Division, i want try the new one bcs i was tired of being in publication-documentary division. But, it turns out that being part of logistic div was tired physically because this event held not in my campus a.k.a in Taman Film Bandung so we had to move the installation from campus to Taman Film like 4 times driving car. But worth it, we made the installation perfectly like what is expected of. On the day we just enjoy the event, thanks 2014 for the cooperation semoga bisa jadi angkatan paling kompak yeay.

those bracelet means i am part of architecture 2014
 entrance from installation 2014 made from bamboos hexagonal shaped

 Taman Film full of people come to FAP2015

 The best saman i've ever seen!!!! samanARS

 the installation's prologue

 These are the installation from 2014 above

 Grand Decor from 2013++

Can't talk anything but i am so proud beeing part of  FAP 2015. Too much photos i want post:(

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