Saturday, 9 May 2015

Asia Africa Conference 2015

this year luckily i can celebrate asia africa conference which is once a year in Bandung,  Indonesia. Friday, 17th April 2015 the delegations from around the world came to Bandung to celebrate AAC. i wanna see the festival of AAC but it turns out that i couldnt see, i didnt wake up early haha the festival has done when i arrived at Braga street i just could see police and soldier everywhere barricaded the street. but one thing i really like that indonesian flag was flagged everywhere whyyyy just for this moment?? why not everyday on normal day? yaaa i just dont know but if i can comment that flag on every street i passed was beautiful.

  Braga, 17th April 2015

me and my friends couldnt go anywhere cause the street was barricaded and we didnt know what we were supposed to go. we wanted to hunting photo, so we decided that we went to Otista Sreet. that's so beautiful there were flying umbrella along the way we take some photos (so many i think) there were no cars or motorcycle just people and cycle could through the street. suddenly i heard people scremed and ran. what's going on? the mayor of bandung was cycled on that street with onthel bike. aaaaaa so cuteee for the first time i see the mayor haha he was smiling because everybody round him but he has the body guard of course. then we back to ciumbuleuit.

Jl. Otista Bandung, 17th April 2015

i really wanted to see the festival of nation that's the event from public relation Unpar. i heard on that event i could see the parade from each the countries. aaaaa i was so interested but i didnt know the schedule so i came at the evening and wooowww there were so crowded and many people at the stand each of the country. finally i could take photos with japanese, nepali and nigerian actually i could took a photo with another muslim country but my friend scared with someone who use a turban so we went away from them.

Festival of Nations
Dago, 19th April 2015 

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