Wednesday, 14 January 2015

worst feeling

i've the worst feeling a few days ago cause in my first year as an architecture student at UNPAR a little bit dissapointed. ya! i've bad score at my SPA lesson, i haven't passed at SPA1. that feeling like ugh:( why?? i thought i've make a big effort but it turns out that i didn't, when i knew i didn't pass i couldn't stop crying, i came to my mom and tell the truth but my mom said that's ok, i have to see what i did before maybe i was too slow in doing my tasks so i have repair that mistake. I was happy cause my friends gave me so many advices and cheer me up. This is the time to prove it that i can and will try the best. I hope my resolution in 2015 can help me to conquer it all, i'll sketch everyday with the hope that my drawing will getting better hehe hereeee my drawings. tadaaaaaaaa

Home, Bekasi. 12/01/2015

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