Wednesday, 31 December 2014

watercolor practice

 this is my last watercolor practice in 2014, my plan on the last day of 2014 is having great time with all my besties, their routine on new year's eve is making an overnight event which is playing firework, grilling, and spending all the night together. but till now i havent join the nye with them:( yaa with all my parents reason cause i have to spend the nye with them, i respect them so i stay. actually i'm jealous with my sister cause this year she can join nye party with her friends but me? just lazing on my bed. so i decided to have watercolor practice to fill my boring day and now i'm doing nothing so i must have movie marathon till i hear some fireworks playing outside my house. bye. happy new year! i hope you guys enjoy and have a better year in 2015 yeayy

Home, Bekasi. 31/12/2014

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