Jumat, 28 Juli 2017

turning 21.

different from the other years, i was still expected i'll got birthday wishes from friends, gifts and surprises even though that things just come to me shortly.  But now. i'm not expecting that things again. I've felt happy and sad mixed up when i was turning 21.

I was happy because when i was turning 21, i was enjoying the trip to Mollucas and accidentally my handphone was broken and i have no got signal at all and my line account just error so i wasn't in the line group at all from elementary school group to my college group line. So, the point is i don't have to thinking about 'the things' i had always want on my birthday like what i said in the first paragraph. And i was very very excited about the expedition to Mollucas, so i didn't expect anything about my birthday. being isolated from social media was felt better (maybe this is the introvert part of mine). BUT here the point of my writing, i've been thinking too much when i mature enough to make a plan what should i do tomorrow? well i've been thinking about this since 2 years ago, but i was like 'whatever' till now when i;m turning 21. almost everyday i've thinking about 'what have i done all this time?' 'what's the benefit to many people especially to my family?' the main is 'mau dibawa kemana sih nit idup lo ini?'. now i'm majoring as an architecture student, but my score at class not good enough, i don't have any business to earn some money by my self, i'm not join any community to help others or the environment, i'm not solehah enough on what i belief. I wanna do something big, in or beyond from my comfort zone. I wanna be someone who useful for others, i really want to join community which teach students to the corners of Indonesia. But i haven't start anything yet, maybe, at first i wanna do something from the small thing from what i have, i wanna help people and the environment around me. hopefully starts now, i will improve my self to be better person from the entire aspects. insyaAllah to help my self  first and others. wish me luck  

Minggu, 23 Juli 2017

will never get enough

Alhamdulillah me and my family have a chance to implement Umra on December 2016. yea fit with the title, makkah and madinah are the place that i will never get enough to visit. The place where i can pray a lot and not thinking everything about wordliness. All i want is near to God, in there, i realize of all my sins and beg for forgiveness. My favorite thing to be there is everyone enthisiast to do prayer and don't want to be left for prayer in congregation. i learn so much thing there and make me wanted to improve my faith to be better. And also everyone is competing to give charity, from such small things like give us korma or chocolate. I wish that we can go there, next time. InshaAllah. I also wish you too!

Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

from JAVA to BALI

it's been a year.
we (parahyangan architecture student) went to Java and Bali, super long exhausting journey because the destinations are too much and i couldn't enjoy every places we had visited. But despite all of that, at least it's kinda memorable. but i dont have so much story to tell, well just enjoy the photos! wait, maybe you can visit the destinations but you have to enjoy every place because they are have pretty details. so i will give you the list of destinations then:

Cirebon: Keraton Kasepuhan, Masjid Agung Tirtayasa, Goa Sunyaragi
Semarang: Gereja Blenduk, Kota Lama, Lawang Sewu
Jogja: Candi Prambanan, Ullen Sentalu Museum, Es Krim Tempo Doeloe
Kediri: Gereja Poh Sarang
Blitar: Persada Soekarno. Candi Penataran
Bali: Abiansemai Puri Ahimsa, Eiger Store Sunset Road, Night Life Bali, Motel Mexicola, Nonton Tari Kecak di Tanah Lot, Istana Tampak Siring, Gunung Kawi, Bali Pulina, Istana Ubud, Hotel Royal Pitamaha, Artini 3 Restaurant, Tjampuhan Resort, Pura Gunung Lebah, Ubud Kou Cousine.