Jumat, 01 September 2017

Bintan Island . Indonesia

day 1

We had a morning flight to Bintan Island (Kepulauan Riau), this is such an excited trip. Arrived to Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport, the driver picked our up then brought our to small restaurant to have breakfast there. I ate Mie Tarempa and my sister ate Bihun Goreng which taste so good!! I love mie tarempa so much, it has unique seasoning and a little bit spicy. After we had breakfast, we went to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Vihara, someone told me that, that's the biggest Vihara in Asia or asean (?) haha i'm not sure enough. But, the vihara is so beautiful with one thousand different budha sculpture there, the sky was great had light blue color but the sun was stung our skin. After that, we went to Avalokitesvara Vihara well if i compare with the first vihara, it wasn't interested enough but not bad. Then we had lunch in Sop Tulang Restaurant, it was good but i still a fan of Mie Tarempa haha. Then, we continue our trip to Senggarang Vihara. this vihara beside the sea shore but again the first vihara is too good, well Senggarang vihara is not too "photo able" haha because it seems less maintained. but in front of the vihara we tried our favorite food-Crab! we could buy tiny crab fried just 3.000 rupiahs and fresh coconut accompany us. After went around the tanjung pinang, we went to Hotel, the hotel is small but clean and comfy. also near to the city centre, so we could get around and tried the tanjung pinang night culinary. That night, my dad's friend invited us to join the dinner in seafood restaurant. i forget the restaurant's name, but it near the port to Pulau Penyengat.

day 2

Best destinations on day 2! first, Gurun Pasir but the texture isn't like sand but it looks like sand haha the sand is solid so made it like mounds of sand. i think, this is one of the best destination in Bintan Island, i could took pics with my the one and only favorite- Raptor, i tried archery there i just pay ten thousand rupiahs per set, it turns out that archery is so fun:( like literally i want to take course for archery. Then, we went to next destination but this place wasn't famous yet 'Rumah Arang' is the place to make charcoal made by brick. 

we went to Lagoi for the biggest swimming pool in Asia, but the sun was too blazing so we decided to rent the solar motorcycle before we swam. When the sun was getting down we start to swim and play so many water sports. We catched the sunset at Lagoi Bay, i think it was the most beautiful sunset i've ever seen. We're definitely lucky at that time, because we arrived Lagoi Bay when the sun was 'litteraly' set but we still had time to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

day 3

Pulau Penyengat was the only one destination on day 3. Pulau Penyengat was the historical destination, because it's dowry from the king of malay to the queen. the tour guide told us that someone was wanted to get fresh water from the island but if the 'someone' is bad guy so they would get stung. In there, my mom tried traditional clothes but me and my sister didn't. Oh ya, we got around Pulau Penyengat by Rickshaw Motocycle haha. 

day 4

Pantai Trikora is one of the famous beach in Bintan Island, it turns out when we went there, yes this is a beautiful beach. the beach has so many big rocks, white sand and the water was blue and the wave wasn't big enough. But, i think the beach was so crowded and wasn't clean enough. After we spent time in trikora beach, we went to Pizza cafe by the beach and it's sooooo gewd. The place was very cozy, the owner is Italian and he made the pizza by his own. Aaah they like has their own private beach, the atmosphere was calm and the pizza was so tasty:)

After we enjoyed our pizza we back to the Hotel, but we stopped by the good view with big ships there. so we took some photos there. ohya, we also played water sport and it was soo funny cause my mom couldn't stop screaming but the driver was laughing every time my mom said "stop! stop!". We back to the Hotel we stayed, enjoyed the good food, the view from our room and celebrated my dad's birthday.