Rabu, 08 November 2017

because words really matter to someone

most people really like to talk, important or not they'll keep talking about anything. realize or not, sometimes what they said just hurt someone oh yeah we live in a wild world. i have thought like that, well sometimes it happens to me (someone judge me) but it hurts just in a glance then i just don't take it too seriously. but for some people, evidently it really matter because i found someone who thinking every other's people said to her/him, because in real life you're really don't know what other people's problems or what they have thought after you said something truth or lies. 

i found person who have problem with "am i kind enough? please don't hate me because i don't deserve it" i've been wonder "is he/she really think that way?" this person literally over-thinking what people's said to her/him. i know that this person is super kind even too kind, so when she/he get treatment beyond her/him expectation, she/he's starting over-thinking until she/he can't sleep after someone said something unpleasant. this is the worst case i've ever heard. she/he has a mental disorder, but no one knows because in front of many people she/he always smile, she/he stands like 'i have no problems' because she/he afford to hide the pain. oh god this is real, i don't even aware if i don't know her/him story. yeah she/he's hiding the pain all this time. 

please, everyone who read this writing, you can't liken one person to others like "bro you're to serious, you're just not fun. see, other person is alright everytime i say like that". my question is "is she/he?" because you're not conscious after that person make confession to you that he/she is really offended with that. you're not having to much permission cause your job is easy, you just have to filter what you said and if you can't you just have to shut up yout mouth. if you have bad thought about other people, please just keep it in your mind. if you're intent to make this person leave the bad things you can tell she/he slowly and face to face, because if you said in front of many people you just made this person embarassed and over-thinking.

ps: sorry for using 'she/he' because i don't want to offend any gender in this story

Jumat, 20 Oktober 2017

happiness is when i learn something

i came to Nunukan Island as a documentary volunteer on 'Ruang Berbagi Ilmu' event from Indonesia Mengajar. i didn't know anyone, i was the younger. everybody is already working and have knowledge more than i have. this is not my comfort zone. but who knows that this journey made me wiser, more mature, more open because i have to communicate with people i've just met once, met friends who has pure heart to share their knowledge to others, met teachers whose spared their time and money to attended this programme to made education in Indonesia better. 

We also came to Sebatik Island which is on the border of Indonesia and Malaysia and these are what i learned from this short journey.

lesson #1
your ego ruins everything
while they are collaborate to made
something big

lesson #2
live on the border of Indonesia is not easy,
but they survived and keep stayed in Indonesia
with red and white flying above the sky

lesson #3
trip is not all about the beauty 
scenery you've seen but it's about
what you have learn from the trip

lesson #4
here (big city), everyone is too busy to mind 
other's business
which is not important,
but they busy to make
education in Indonesia better

 trio pengajar muda 

 perbatasan indonesia dan malaysia

 acara kemah cinta tanah air

all these photos taken with analog camera (fujifilm b

Rabu, 18 Oktober 2017

heaven on earth /re:Tanimbar Kei/

Tanimbar Kei, Souteast west mollucas

i never expected how beautiful this island was, the most wonderful journey i've ever been. from the first timer fery ship ride, then we continued with 3 hours mini speed boat ride with turquoise ocean around us. aaaaah the most excited feeling ever. when the village looked slowly, we can see the upper village and the lower one from the middle of the bay. after we arrived, the local people welcomed us with their hospitality and also their ritual to welcome people. they served their traditional food, hot tea and one old woman sang a song for us. this little heart smile a bit when i heard her tremble voice yet so strong and beautiful. i thought it was a symbol that they are kind and happy that we came to their village. 

we had 9 days there, but the locals have steal our heart already that they are our family too. i will not share about 'the architecture things' like our first aim to come to their village. ooh i'm not lying that my tears falling down while i write this post, i'm so in love with Tanimbar Kei with everything in it. They never tired to companied us to get all datas there, they gave us tea time with snacks every morning and evening, they invited us to enjoy the beauty of this island like went to cave, beaches and lend us snorkle equipments to enjoy the corals. i remembered when they ivited us to the most exciting beach, the beach has big waves and we were having fun all day long. 

i can see that they have powerful bond each other, they never forget to help each other, have fun together everyday, and make everythings are seems fun even it's just small thing. they have big tolerance, although they have difference faith but they respect each other. i saw it when on of local people died, they (muslim, hindu, cristian, chatolic) attended the funeral. 

I think they have the most quite and calm home ever, i saw that their key of happiness is be grateful and don't be greedy like i see in the majority big city 'everything is about money' but they never have thoughts like that. they have each other and keep their culture and their faith together whatever. and our relationship doesn't end after we back to Jakarta, we keep our contact. sometimes we do video call to keep contact.
well, actually now we are processing a book about Tanimbar Kei. i hope this book will finished well and as a reward to the locals because they are super kind to us and we won't forget because they are our family too.