Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

Ambarawa Railway Museum

YEAAAY finally Lebaran Day come to mama!! Eyang i'm coming! well this is the latest post ever hahaha ga deng. as usually we go to Semarang for 5 days and spend the Semarang nightlife like go to angkringan and cafe with my cousins. And the most excited day was we went to Ambarawa Railway Museum there were so many old railways and we went around with the railway to another station. pokoknya recommended bgt deh kesini!

Hmmm well i'm not in the mood to write this post...bye all heu

turning 19th years old

4th of July 2015

thank's God now i'm 19 years old 
thanks for all the surprises and give me many kind people around me:)

superduper late post lol