Friday, 27 December 2013

trip to Bandung

hello guys, i had an opportunity to have a trip with my family, although first plan we wanna go to semarang but it failed so we went to bandung but it's okay, than not. so at 26th December 2013 we leave to bdg for 2 days hmmm just 2 days but it's alright. when the sun went out yet we was leaving. first destination is Tangkuban Perahu.

i thought it will be so boring there but wow it prove tangkuban perahu is one of the bautiful indonesian nature. tangkuban perahu has 10 crater but we just can go to the 4 crater because the other craters are dangerous.they still produce dangerous smoke. even we just visited ratu crater the biggest crater. hmmm i thought the other just has a little difference. it's the place we can hunting photos, there we can see man sell beanie from rabbit's fur huuuu poor u rabbit:( 
hmmm by the way i realized my skin was darker aaa i hate it

after tangkuban perahu, we had lunch and went to hotel at sukajadi, at sukajadi we ate 'bakmi apin' i didnt know i was hungry or not but the taste is so great!! i want more


Bandung, 26/12/2013

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