Saturday, 9 June 2012

design IT on scooter'12

Saturday, 12th May 2012 i attended design poster IT competition on SCOOTER'12 at 14SHS the theme is 'Design of Revolution'. the day before the competition i still confused for the concept of my poster hehe well i set up all my concept until i fell asleep in front of my laptop, i must woke up earlier huft.... when i arrived i asked my friend anddddd turns out she didn't prepared the concept at all she more severe than me HAHA. Hmmm actually i'm not the expert for adobe photoshop user but i tried to and just for the experience and this is it my design haha but i think it's not good and i'm not satisfied huhu :( but no prob cause it's my first time i followed the design competition. Ohyaa before the competition i followed the design seminar and when i saw my opponent i felt a little bit nervous cause i thought they're the expert cause i can see this from their face haha okeeyy check this out!

andddd you know whaat??!! :''''' i'm not win yayaya i already guess i won't win huhuhu gapapa kok gapapa :'' i've tried :')
by niti. xoxo

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