Senin, 20 Februari 2012


my new hair cut♥

hi guysss!!! bored with my hairstyle? let'ssss go to salooon!! 
yeaaah so r u remember with my old hair? yeaah very looong and made me sultry haha 
i went to salon and talked to hairdresser that i wanted to cut my hair be short hair 
after that when i reflect wooow i satisfied w/my new hair cut cause that's very nice HAHA


what do u think?
better or worse?
by niti. xoxo

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

breakfast for saturday morning

hmmmm saturday morning~ i felt so know what i made for that morning? the first food is 'telor gulung' like in my elementary school!! i miss my elementary school sooo muccchhh especially the food (jajanan abang-abang) actually i dont know how to make this food but i n my sister tried it and this is ittttt!!! :) looks a bit ugly and messy hehe

and the second food is nugget toast bread!!! you must try this in your kitchen cause these food are easy to make, make us full and delicious!! much more nutritious and yummyy when we served with chocolate milk!!
you know? i made all by my self loh♥hehe
by niti. xoxo