Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

tiny niti

hi guess who's in the cupboard?


hi why i'm so tiny? i can get in cupboard in my class:)

by.niti xoxo

Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012

libur gabut #gapenting #gaadaygbisadipost #ygpentinglibur #mainterus

by niti. xoxo

trip to Bali♥

when my birthday on 4th July 2012 i had a great time in Bali. we were so excited! on the 1st day we just walked around our hotel at legian, on the 2nd day we went to lembongan island in there we did many activities, sea walker, dive and cycle and in our group, just my family from indonesia the other were foreigner so we couldn't comunicated with them haha. next 3rd day we went to ubud market yaa we bought so many things in there, than we went to antonio blanco's museum, u know what? i think if you go to bali you must visit that museum cause that's very gorgeous. Finally the last day we were felt so sad cause we must went back to jakarta:( cause Bali is very beautiful place and i want go there with my friendsss i want very muchhhhh..but maybe someday. Thanks for my family  cause i have a good time on my 16th birthdayxoxo.

at bandara soeta before the plane take off

this picture i took with my sister before we went to the beautiful lembongan island

with my dad

thoose photos took at antonio blanco's museum

took on the boat to lembongan island

we were diving 

we've some tattoo on our hands

thanks for my wonderful holiday my beloved family

by niti. xoxo

Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

design IT on scooter'12

Saturday, 12th May 2012 i attended design poster IT competition on SCOOTER'12 at 14SHS the theme is 'Design of Revolution'. the day before the competition i still confused for the concept of my poster hehe well i set up all my concept until i fell asleep in front of my laptop, i must woke up earlier huft.... when i arrived i asked my friend anddddd turns out she didn't prepared the concept at all she more severe than me HAHA. Hmmm actually i'm not the expert for adobe photoshop user but i tried to and just for the experience and this is it my design haha but i think it's not good and i'm not satisfied huhu :( but no prob cause it's my first time i followed the design competition. Ohyaa before the competition i followed the design seminar and when i saw my opponent i felt a little bit nervous cause i thought they're the expert cause i can see this from their face haha okeeyy check this out!

andddd you know whaat??!! :''''' i'm not win yayaya i already guess i won't win huhuhu gapapa kok gapapa :'' i've tried :')
by niti. xoxo

Senin, 14 Mei 2012


hiii guysss! on saturday, 28th April 2012 i went to JCC, there's inacraft held. I surprised cause there're many unique and cute stuff. There are toys, batik, accessories, and so many. ohyaaa there're not just the indonesian craft but also asean craft like from vietnam, thai, kambodia, laos, etc. In there i bought mini sling bag from Yogyakarta, lightcraft from surabaya, bracelet from Bandung, my mom also bought so many cute stuff. i'm very proud for the indonesian people cause they are so creative and wow! I ♥indonesia

by niti. xoxo

Senin, 20 Februari 2012


my new hair cut♥

hi guysss!!! bored with my hairstyle? let'ssss go to salooon!! 
yeaaah so r u remember with my old hair? yeaah very looong and made me sultry haha 
i went to salon and talked to hairdresser that i wanted to cut my hair be short hair 
after that when i reflect wooow i satisfied w/my new hair cut cause that's very nice HAHA


what do u think?
better or worse?
by niti. xoxo

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

breakfast for saturday morning

hmmmm saturday morning~ i felt so know what i made for that morning? the first food is 'telor gulung' like in my elementary school!! i miss my elementary school sooo muccchhh especially the food (jajanan abang-abang) actually i dont know how to make this food but i n my sister tried it and this is ittttt!!! :) looks a bit ugly and messy hehe

and the second food is nugget toast bread!!! you must try this in your kitchen cause these food are easy to make, make us full and delicious!! much more nutritious and yummyy when we served with chocolate milk!!
you know? i made all by my self loh♥hehe
by niti. xoxo

Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

art part 2

holaaaaaaaa!!!!!! hihi haloo i'm baaackk after so long hehe sorry bloggers if my english so bad :' so my blog became boring....oke next to my post! let's reading! :D  days ago i'm in my mood to draawing sooo i started to draw but i cheated some picture from  hehehehe sorry for the original drawer cause i cheated your pict, but you must feel happy and proud for your self cause i cheated you. cause your pict is what i liked and very nicee :) oke it's enough to apologize and i hope you read this....noow than we dispute about that, it's better if we see my pictures...check this out!!

by niti. xoxo