Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

my own

heeyheeyy last monday i saw my dad paint on the canvas, then my mom told me to paint too...finally i paint but i confuse what must i paint-_- so i think if i paint piano keys it will be amazing but i changed my mind so i paint my face^^ and it''s looks thiiss!!! my aunty and may cousin say that paint like the girl in the 'finding nemo' film-__- check this out!--->


hi galsss and boys! when i  start to feel  bored on this holiday i'll take my sketch book, my pencil and my colour pencil. theennnn i start to draw.......anddddd this is itttt the result ~,~ i really happy when my dad said that picture is nice and m daddy said although i copy this from another picture but no problem but i still learn hehe :* sorry for the copying. see yaaaa


bloggeers!!! yesterday yesterday again-_- i went to gramedia and i found it! colourfull chalks~ i bought that. when we arrived home directly i took that and i draw on my door and the wall. it's so cuteee there're pink, blue, green, and yellow :) for my friendsss if you read this you can come to my house then let's have fun with those chalkss in my room. Let's drawing guys B) 


playing song♥

hi guyys too long i'm not blogging so today the last day in 2011 i'll renew my blog^^ hmmm i feel bored on this holiday so i look for the newest song sheets piano and i play it :) but right now i just can play the jar of hearts song by christina perry. why i choose this song? cause this song very very fantastic to playing with piano.... although not professional maybe someday i will take my video hihihi 

xoxo NDN's