Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

Swimming at Puri Gading

hiiiiii last thursday i swam with repil, selly, annisa, and wireeen :D hihi we swam in Puri Gading, wiren is troublesome-__-  cause she brought manymany snack and she brought 1litre aqua wkwk she's very excessive.... when we arrived. the pool was like our private pool:)


 keep calm ;)


sesama ban._.v gadeng

xoxo NDN's

Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

9.4's year book♥

hayy last thursday my beloved class(9.4) went to monas(monumen nasional) hihihi yeaah for what? took photos for our year book. we went there by TNI bus  well it's very small, so we have to sempit-sempitan........hm finally we arrived at monas and it was freakin hot!!!! but yeay we're very happy I LOVE 9.4 XOXO :* although i dissapointed with the photographer-_- cause the the result are ugly but its okay yaaaa terima ajadeh hihi.....

my beloved class 

our teacher

havin lunch^^

with my chairmate 'vema'

xoxo NDN's

Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

REFRESHING after national exam~

HIIII GUUYSS!!! sorry ya long time no post._.v yeeeeey finally i've finshed my national exam ~,~ hihi next day after national exam finished i go to MTA with ma mom&sister yes we play ice skating and now my thighs and arms are painful u,u but it's so please and cooool!!!

xoxo NDN's