Thursday, 2 September 2010

when i was young

heellooo. i just wanna share some stories when i was a little hehe, well when i was in kindegarten i was a pule girl  and i had ever pee in my pants. oh my god  then in my kindegarten class my friend beaten me with the block -_- yeaah absolutely he's a naughty boy hahaha in the first grade i'm madesu cause i didn't wanna go to school hoho  whereas usually children wanna go to school haha but i was not, let's look at my photos, here:

i'm in the left :) w/ ma sister

look!! a beautifull girl haha

happy familyyy :) my birthday

pct1. me join the festival and i'm the winneeer ;D
pct2. hohoho i'm a boy

with my dad♥ baaaaak

assalamualaikum :)

xoxo NDN's